We can be the bands we want to hear.
We can define our own generation.

The best thing I’ve read


30 Seconds to Mars / Favorite Lyric Quotes


The female experience in one picture


Snapping on the verse, jazz hands on the chorus


I feel so bad for Ryan. It’s been 5 years and although I miss him so fucking much, I’m pretty sure he wants to move on, but we aren’t letting him. He’s always being bombarded with all this panic stuff and people with panic usernames on Instagram keep asking him stuff about panic and it’s just really annoying that people won’t let go. I love Ryan, and I loved it when he was in panic but this probably isn’t what he wants and that’s more important in my opinion.

I did not expect it at all, when they called my name. It was really bizarre. I mean, the fans, it’s just crazy where the fans can take you. It’s pretty amazing. [Brendon Urie on winning Best Vocalist at the APMAS.]