sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….



he looks so happy!



this is the cutest fucking thing ever 


If you think Ryan is a bottom just consider this:

  • you’re wrong


I’m not enough of a fashionista to get into the ins and outs of Z Berg’s evolving style (you’d need my buddy Jamie for that, who runs a pretty excellent Z Berg blog and helped me out finding a bunch of these photos) - let’s just admire some key bangin’ looks, mannn, and let Z talk for herself a bit about the way fashion shapes and fascinates her, and the role it plays in her music. There’s something brilliant about the way Z shapes herself to suit each musical phase of her life, but it was never so fully or perfectly realised as with Release Me, where she launched herself into that sixties star with her whole heart.

"I think fashion and music are very similar," she’s said, “both art forms are an attempt to express one’s self and try to communicate your vision with the world… It’s important to us that the aesthetic match the music and the entire package is a representation of ourselves, our vision, and our wish to apply order and beauty to the chaos of modern life.”

And man, did they commit. A cursory Google image search will show you how for more than a year of touring and promotion, The Like basically wore a uniform - coordinated outfits, beehive hair, intense eye make-up.

“Your look should be as interesting and put-together as your sound,” Z said.“You are creating an entire world of art.”

But there’s something of Bowie and Mercury in her, too, in the need to be as flamboyant and over the top as possible, in her whole-hearted embrace of all the campiness of the 60s pop genre. “Sometimes I look in the mirror and go, Hmmm…. Do I look just like a cartoon superhero right now?”

It was a pretty brilliant time - but hey, look at that last photo. Get ready:  it’s nearly time for JJAMZ-era Z Berg, and a whole new level of taking on male rockstars. It’s goodbye to the short bob and the eye make-up.

"If you’re blond, you can’t wear much eye makeup if you wear red lipstick. I’ve chosen darkness. I’ve gone over to the lipstick side.”

brendon urie photographed by zack hall



hey so fun facts the lyrics for “girl that you love” were originally entirely in french but dallon told brendon it was bullshit so he had to rewrite them all

bonus fact the original title was “guimauve de coeur” which means marshmallow heart in english

Actually it was “coeur de guimauve” and
Bonus² fact: Brendon thinks it’s a french expression when it’s not.


we all need to get better at thinking of ourselves like this.